Friday 29 January 2016

The Power of Good Weeks

The week for which I wrote this blog post  was not a good week. It was, in fact, a very bad week. Not only did I partially dislocate my shoulder and spend the whole week in swimming-induced pain, but David Bowie and Alan Rickman died. I had a lot to cry about.

I was pretty much at the end of my tether and so thankfully, last week was a pretty good week. My new medication has been working well, I feel better and I have less muscle twitches. I took less painkillers. I had less pain from swimming and I managed to do 14 lengths in the same time as 10 the week before.

But the best part of my week was undoubtedly going down to London and spending time with friends. I stopped into my old workplace and it was so lovely to see everyone. A few of us headed out to a swanky gin bar with table service which was so lovely. My old work partner-in-crime Becky treated us to some gin. I had an amazing one with orange and rosemary (FIND OUT WHAT IT WAS, BECKY!) and sloe gin which I've never had before so I embarrassed myself by asking for it with tonic (appaz you drink it straight, who knew).

I headed over to my cousins' for a catch up and some pizza (biggest pizza ever) before crashing. The next day we headed to the British Library so one of us could do revision (my cousin) and one of us could look at the Alice in Wonderland exhibition (me). I met up with my friend Jim & we had a fab time in the exhibition and the rest of the BL, then headed to wander around London a bit,  find cake and bookshops and chat. He treated me to a book I was coveting (thanks Jim) and we parted ways for dinner. My cousin, my friend Debbie & I went to Franco Manca for more pizza (seriously, the best pizza ever and so cheap, go!) and then we met up with more friends at the Old Vic to see The Master Builder with Ralph Fiennes! It was pretty good - some line flubs with it being the first night - but overall very well acted and very funny.

On Sunday I went with some friends to William Curley for an afternoon tea. We used to go there for their dessert bar which sadly they've stopped, but the afternoon tea was delicious. I was the only one to finish all of mine #DessertQueen. Afterwards, we went to my friend Daphne's place for bookclub. Bookclub rarely involves talking about the book, rather chatting and playing games. We gave Pictionary a go which was hilarious and my team was victorious! I spent Monday morning travelling back home.

It was a fantastic weekend, it was so lovely to see everyone and be back in London. Going back does feel bittersweet, because while I love seeing people and doing London things, it reminds me that I can't do them all the time now.

So far this week has been pretty bad - I've experienced a level of fatigue that I haven't had for a while and I've had a lot more pain. But I'd much rather have a bad week as fall out for a really excellent experience, than a bad week for no reason. I feel less bothered, less affected by this week because I know it was totally worth it. And that means I can look forward to next week, which will hopefully be better, than wallow in the misery of this one.

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  1. I still can't remember the name of the cocktail! Oh dear...