Tuesday 24 May 2016

A Spoonie's Guide to Current Television

If you've read a couple of my previous posts, you'll probably have picked up on the fact that I watch a lot of TV, mostly because I'm often too tired to do much else. There's some super amazing shows on right now and TV is just getting better and better. I'm recovering from a fantastic holiday, which is requiring a LOT of sofa/TV time. So here's a guide to my fave shows on the box at the moment. 

This started airing last year but we caught up in time for the final few episodes. It's about a woman who shows up in a bag in Time Square, covered in tattoos--one of which is the name of an FBI agent--and with no memory. Turns out her tattoos are clues to crimes. Ooooh. My mum thinks it is "too fighty and too shooty" and while I concede that she has a point, I'm rather enjoying the mystery of the whole thing. Though I'm not sure I'll ever forgive them for [redacted]'s death.

I am a Scandal convert as of the end of last year, when my mum and I marathoned all 4 seasons (she very kindly rewatched it with me.) It's classic Shonda Rhimes: full of drama and twists and fast-paced word-perfect monologues. We're so tantalisingly close to the end of the 5th season right now.

We're about halfway through this now on Alibi in the UK, after we started taping it on a whim. It is EXCELLENT. Possibly even my favourite thing on TV right now. It's about a group of new recruits going through the FBI Academy, with a flashforward to 9 months in the future where there's been a terrorist attack in New York and one of the recruits has been accused of committing it. The show flips between the 2 times as Alex, the accused recruit, is on the run and trying to prove her innocence and find out which of her fellow recruits actually carried out the plot. There's an excellently diverse cast and you will suspect EVERYONE at one point.

Game of Thrones
Who isn't currently watching Game of Thrones?

Oh my GOD this is so much fun. It's from the maker of Veronica Mars and I can totally tell. Liv Moore (it took me until episode 4 to get that one...) was a medical resident with a perfect life and a perfect fiancĂ© who persuaded her to go to an out-of-character party which resulted in her being turned into a zombie. Yes, a zombie. She now works for the coroner's office and solves crimes. With quipping. It's less horror, more humour. There's 2 seasons on Netflix. You're welcome. 

I missed this first season around; but thankfully it's all on OnDemand. Sean Bean plays an FBI agent with a gift for undercover work, thankfully retaining that iconic Northern accent. Also features Mac from Veronica Mars/Heather from Grey's Anatomy which makes me happy. There's an excellent OOOOOOH moment at the end of the first episode.

Chicago Med
While it's no Grey's Anatomy, Chicago Med is an interesting hospital drama set mainly in the Emergency Department. It's not quite struck the balance of personal lives of the staff vs patient cases that Grey's had down, but it's perfectly watchable and like Quantico has a really great diverse cast.

This is a follow-on from a film with Bradley Cooper which I haven't seen, but you don't really need to. A deadbeat guy gets his hands on a drug that allows him to use his full brain potential. Cue genius. He ends up consulting with the FBI in exchange for the drug. It doesn't take itself too seriously, which is good because it's sometimes a liiiiiitle out there. Bonus cameos from Bradley Cooper. 

Peaky Blinders
Season 3 started not that long ago, but I hadn't even started watching season 2, for my sins. I have since rectified and we're half way through. God, I've missed my fix of Cillian Murphy. Season 2 also features Tom Hardy which is very excellent. Such a quality show, but well violent if you're funny about that sort of thing.

Legends of Tomorrow
This is so much fun: an Arrow/The Flash spin-off featuring side characters from both series off on a time-traveling adventure to stop a truly evil villain. It leans towards daft, with rather a lot of overacting (Wentworth Miller, I'm looking at you and I'm loving it) but it's loads of fun and I LOVE all the different time period episodes, especially the ones in the past.

Bonus rec: The Catch
So this literally starts this week so obvs I haven't watched it yet, but it's a new Shonda Rhimes show and that woman has never set a foot wrong. I've loved Grey's, (okay, maybe Private Practice was a slight misstep), Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder, so I'm thrilled we've got another of her shows, about a PI, specialising in fraud, who is then the victim of a fraud...committed BY HER OWN FIANCE. I know, right? I'm so excited. 

What are you currently enjoying on TV? Any recs for me?

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