Tuesday 5 April 2016

A Love Letter to Technology

Technology is so convenient for all of us. You can buy things at the touch of a button (sometimes without meaning to) and you can compare prices on holidays in a few short seconds. I've always been a fan of technology, I love having the latest gadgets even if I don't *really* need them. But since my condition worsened, I'm not sure how I would live without my tech anymore; it helps me out in so many different ways and makes my life so much more manageable. There are so many different types of technology nowadays, but these are the key bits that really help me out. 

When I moved back home, I moved sans laptop. Starting to blog, and starting to look for a job, made me realise I could do with having one. There's only so much you can achieve on a tablet and only so many times you can borrow someone else's. It was pretty clear that I needed a lightweight option & looking at the market I realised this likely meant compromising on spec which I wasn't prepared to do, having done that with my last laptop to get a smaller, lighter version and resenting it the whole time I owned it (I ended up cathartically throwing its broken, useless ass in the bin when I left London). So I bit the bullet and I shelled out for a MacBook Air and I haven't regretted it once. Yes they're pricier in comparison to Windows laptops, but this is so lightweight I can hold/carry it with one arm without struggling or worrying I'm going to drop it, and I can keep it on my knees without it hurting my legs. And it's wicked fast.

As you've probably gathered I love reading and as I've talked about before, I've struggled since last July with holding books. As a leaving present my London friends got me a Kindle Paperwhite which has been totally fantastic as I can hold it with one hand and just swipe/press to turn the page. Not having to carry or hold a heavy book, or hold pages back, really helps on bad pain days. Plus I love the light, it's super nice to read on in the dark!

My phone is the thing I use most. I use it a lot for browsing online, and for using Twitter, because if my hands hurt it's easier to use a touchscreen than a keyboard. Also I'm totally obsessed with Neko Atsume. One of my favourite things about my phone is that I can use it to listen to audiobooks when I'm too tired to read, or when I'm struggling to sleep at night.

My iPad was my very best friend in London. I watched all my TV on it; both on Netflix and the SkyGo app. Now I have my MacBook I try and use that more, because the sound and picture quality is superior, but when I'm feeling bad nothing beats snuggling up with the iPad balanced on my knees. It's also really good for reading on when my hands are too bad to even hold my Kindle, because again I can balance it on my knees and I can swipe with my knuckle to turn the page.

Edit: My friends from London pointed out that the actual best thing about technology is that we can keep in touch. This is true, because without their support (and excellent gif usage) I wouldn't be doing as well as I am!

How does technology help you, if you're also chronically ill? If not, what's your favourite piece of tech?


  1. Yes! I'd be lost without tech. It means my life can keep going even when I'm ill, and I can stay in touch with everyone. I just got a new laptop too and it's great because I can use it to write when I can't get up!