Friday 19 February 2016

13 Things You Probably Haven't Watched on Netflix Yet

So you watched Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black and House of Cards. You just finished binging Making a Murderer and are feeling suitably outraged at the US penal system. You start to wonder if you've now seen the best Netflix has to offer? NO. Let Auntie Caitlin show you the way.

Being chronically ill, for me, means watching a lot of television. I spend a lot of life in pain, fatigued, pretty much unable to move from a kind of propped-up-on-pillows lying down position. I'd prefer to spend more time reading but I am usually too tired/too lacking in attention, and so TV it is. So I've watched a lot of things on Netflix. Here are some you might not have watched yet, but you definitely should.

For if you want a brilliant drama with a stellar cast, quite a bit of violence, rather a lot of tension, pleasing Brummie accents and Cillian Murphy's cheekbones

For if you want a fucking weird in a good way supernatural thriller featuring beautiful people with questionable accents

For if you want a fast-paced, addictive drama where most of the main characters are played magnificently and diversely by the same actor

For if you want a low budget but utterly charming BBC offering with the best bromance ever and bonus Anthony Stewart Head

For if you want a rougeishly charming criminal assisting the FBI in catching other criminals whilst genuinely looking gorgeous, giving you suit-envy and being able to do everything

For if you want a non-chronological, multi-layered and questionably moral law series full of OH MY GOD moments and featuring the talent that is Viola Davis

For if you want a loving and playful mockery of America's Next Top Model...with drag queens 

For if you want a Sci-Fi filled with so much suspense, tension and paranoia you'll have to pause it regularly just to breathe and a genuinely terrifying constant enemy plus a really awesome cast

For if you want a totally historically inaccurate historical drama filled with beautiful people in beautiful clothes and their beautiful problems

For if you want an actually terrible but really addictive and easy-to-watch contemporary teen series set in an Australian ballet school

For if you want a dark, cat-and-mouse anime featuring a teenage genius with a supernatural notebook and a vendetta, and a brilliant but odd teenage detective with a penchant for difficult cases

For if you want an underrated but actually brilliant historical adaptation with themes of class and gender starring none other than the beautiful Richard Armitage sporting a fetching Northern accent

For if you want a procedural with a difference where the science is kiiiinda iffy but still really cool and Tim Roth has an unconventional charm and is extremely fanciable

What are your favourite Netflix offerings?

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  1. I'm glad Jim made you include Dance Academy. I'd have been Not Happy. Everyone told me to watch Orphan Black and it was such a good rec - I'm loving it. Tatiana Maslany is so talented.