Sunday 28 February 2016

February in Review

February didn't start off so hot what with developing a cold/chest infection and all. I ended up with 2 courses of steroids and 1 of antibiotics before I was better, it was Not Fun. The rest of Feb actually, went pretty well: We had our first week of the full exercise regime which is Aqua Zumba, one swimming session, and Pilates and we've kept that up every week in Feb. I've also started physio and am having weekly appointments which is good. And the best thing to happen this month is that I got a job!! It was one of my goals for the next few months - I actually wrote about it in this post which went live just after my interview...and later that afternoon I had the job offer! It's pretty much everything I wanted for my job: it's part-time, desk-based, salaried, working for a fantastic place and with definite career prospects. I've definitely hit the job-jackpot and considering I only started looking in January, and have only had 2 interviews, I feel very lucky that the process went so smoothly. I start on Monday!

Books read in February
The Lunar Chronicles: Scarlet - Marissa Meyer
Beautiful Broken Things - Sara Barnard
Geek Girl: All That Glitters - Holly Smale

Favourite book of February:
Beautiful Broken Things - Sara Barnard


Books acquired in February 
Sophie's World - Jostein Gaarder
The Romanovs: 1613 - 1918 - Simon Sebag Montefiore
The Maker of Swans - Paraic O'Donnell
One - Sarah Crossan
The It-Girl - Katy Birchall 
Rebel of the Sands - Alwyn Hamilton•
Beautiful Broken Things - Sara Barnard• x 2 
A Gathering of Shadows - V.E Schwab•
An Ember in the Ashes - Sabaa Tahir•
The Shadow Queen - CJ Redwine
The Dark Days Club - Alison Goodman
Highly Illogical Behaviour - John Corey Whaley

Well, Feb was a big book month. The ones with the • next to them I got myself, the others were sent/lent/bought once again by lovely lovely friends. Thanks to all of you so much and special thanks to Charlie who is basically gradually sending me every book Orion has ever published. My lovely boyfriend got me my second copy of Beautiful Broken Things after I broke the one I bought (long story) and got me the It-Girl too in the 2 for £7 deal at Asda.


Films seen at the cinema in February
Pride & Prejudice + Zombies
The Big Short
How To Be Single
Triple 9
The Finest Hours

A hugely mixed cinematic bag this month. I LOVED Deadpool! Definitely my favourite film of the year so far and I really enjoyed The Big Short which was unexpectedly excellent with fantastic performances. How To Be Single was a lot of fun and very funny, but I was really disappointed by Triple 9 which I expected to love. I was pleasantly surprised by The Finest Hours and apathetic about P&P+Z.


Catch up on this month's blog posts
This month I blogged about Not Feeling Guilty For Not Reading, followed up by a post about my chest infection and Getting Ill When You're Chronically Ill I shared two recommendation posts, Books For If You Still Miss Buffy and 13 Things You Probably Haven't Watched on Netflix Yet. I blogged about being ill for six months in my Missing The Six Month Mark post and rounded off this month's posting with a (hopefully) humorous post on the Eleven Things I've Learnt Doing Exercise Classes 


So on the whole I'd say Feb's been pretty positive, which is great, I needed that. I still didn't manage to do any more reading, so I need to work on that a bit more. In March I'm really looking forward to the release of Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare - it's been too long since I read a book in the Shadowhunter world! I'm also super excited for the latest Wells&Wong installment; Jolly Foul Play by Robin Stevens. Can't wait to see what the Detective Society is up to this time. Cinema-wise we'll be heading out to see Hail, Caesar! and Batman vs Superman, which I have mixed feelings about. But the most exciting March offering is the return of How to Get Away With MurderArrow and The Flash and the start of Legends of Tomorrow on Sky and the return of Daredevil to Netflix. All The TV!


  1. I reallyy hope you love One. Have you already read Sophie's World? I first heard about it in my first AS Level Philosophy class, but haven't got round to it yet (I have a copy, obvs).

  2. So glad that life is looking better for you! Congrats on the jobness and all the exercise. Read One soon and also I hope you love it lots.