Tuesday 1 March 2016

A Thank You To My Mum

As it's Mother's Day this Sunday a post about my mum, about how she's helped me since I got ill, seemed topical!

(Here she is! This picture is Quite Old now but we both look basically the same still and I really like it (plus my hair is On Point) )

When I first told my mum I had decided to move home, she reacted very casually but I knew she was happy. I was ill and she was worried, I was stressed and she was worried and I'm pretty sure she missed having someone to watch TV with.

She redecorated my room for me - it'd had the same carpet since we first got carpets over ten years ago now and the walls were the standard magnolia of a new build. All of the furniture had been hand-me-downs: my bed was my sister's bed and my sister had my bed which had originally been my neighbour's bed. So my mum bought a new carpet, painted the walls a soothing grey, bought and assembled all new furniture, including a rather expensive chest of drawers because it was the only one I really liked and was big enough. She made it a nice room to come home to (and incidentally cured my allergies). And then recently she and my boyfriend put up some of my prints to make it even homier

(Some of my prints up on the wall, plus aforementioned delicious dresser)

I would not be doing as well as I am doing, which is as well as someone in my position could expect to be doing, without my mum's support. She comes to all my exercise classes and swimming sessions with me and was the one that made me start going to them all in the first place. She does my physio exercises with me and makes me do them even if I don't want to because I need to do them everyday. Then she makes me a hot water bottle because I cried because it hurt because I did Pilates the day before and pulled all my stomach and lower back muscles. She cooks all my dinners, even if she refuses to call it dinner, and adds extra veg to them because I need to eat more veg. She's been watching both Scandal and Madam Secretary with me because I wanted to watch them, even though she's seen them both before. She buys me expensive leave in conditioner and Lucky Charms even though I shouldn't really eat them. She recently went shopping with me for clothes for my new job and was very helpful even if she did say "that would be fine with a vest top under it" to practically every outfit.

You don't think that at 26, living independently in London with a good career and an active social life and an actual savings account like a real grown up, that you will have to move back home and basically become a child again. But if you do, I hope you have a mum like mine who makes you feel grateful every day that she is your mum (even if she won't let you get a kitten).


  1. This is so lovely. I'm looking forward to meeting your mum when we all head down to Manchester at some point!

  2. Awww, really lovely post Caitlin! I'm glad you have such a supportive mum.