Monday 8 January 2018

30 Things About Me

As I haven’t blogged in so long I thought it would be cool to do a post with a bit more about me in, but instead of just doing a bio or something I thought I’d post a 30 Things About Me type thing! 

My health condition is: Generalized Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder, previously known as Joint Hypermobility Syndrome. I was diagnosed as a child over 20 years ago 
The worst symptom is: fatigue for sure 
This year I want to: improve my health as much as possible. And swim a mile
My starsign is: Scorpio. I mean technically now Libra but no. I’m such a Scorpio 
I wish I could: apply makeup. I just...can't
My favourite cheese is: Comté
One bizarre thing I love is: walking round empty-ish supermarkets, especially late at night. Looking at food on shelves makes me feel calm
On weekends I: mostly sleep and watch tv! I'd love to do more but I'm always shattered
The best thing to ever happen to me was: probably getting my job in publishing. It was my dream job & living in London was amazing
My favourite book is: both Saving Francesca and Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta 
When I'm ill I like to: watch mindless tv in bed while my boyfriend fetches me drinks and treats
The place I really want to travel to is: Cuba! I would love to go to Cuba 
Something I dislike about myself is: I'm incredibly self-indulgent 
I would love to move to: Edinburgh. That city has my heart
Everyday I take: at least 10 pills, but it can be up to 28 depending on pain levels! 
My favourite TV show is: historically, Buffy. More recently, Hannibal. On TV right now: Riverdale 
I really want to learn: French! 
If I won a million pounds tomorrow I would: buy a house, super boring
The most expensive item I own is: my MacBook Air. Worth every penny 
I'm really good at: swimming! I think my hypermobility helps me out here 
One food I hate is: mushrooms. In all forms and contexts 
I love making: homemade salsa. Time consuming but delicious 
An embarrassing fact about me is: after a shower I let our puppy lick the water droplets off my legs. She loves it! 
I couldn't live without: reading. Reading is and always has been my favourite thing to do
My favourite cuisine is: Mexican
I am obsessed with: skincare at the moment!
I really like that I: am very decisive 
My favourite item of clothing is: my Adidas Gazelles 
If I was treating myself I would buy: something from Lush, or really nice chocolate 
I find it hard to: motivate myself to exercise. It helps my condition but not in the short-term and so it’s difficult to make myself do it


  1. This was fun. I like getting to know more about you. I can’t apply make up worth a damn either.

  2. I always love reading these posts and getting to know the blogger better. Thanks for sharing. I too can't apply make-up to save myself and if you ever make it to Edinburgh, you'll need to give me a shout (I'm not too far away :))