Wednesday 17 January 2018

Christmas Giftcard Book Haul

I don't often get vouchers and things for Christmas so I was pretty excited this time as I got quite a few Amazon vouchers and a Waterstones voucher!! I don't tend to buy books on Amazon too much because I do like to support bookshops, but I thought it would be cool to use the vouchers to buy US books that I can't pick up in a shop. I'll be using my Waterstones giftcard throughout the year on new releases :) 

Meg and Linus - Hanna Nowinski
This was actually my final read of 2017! It was sweet and I liked it, but I didn't love it. It was very cool to have a book with 2 gay protags as that doesn't happen all that often, but I wasn't blown away by the writing style. It would be a good book for you if you liked Queens of Geek. 

I've read this one too, it was my second read of 2018. I loved this one a lot; it has tonnes of elements I love in a story like magical realism, complex sibling relationships, and intense longing. The writing was beautiful and I found myself reading it slowly so as to fully appreciate it. This one has a waiting list of friends looking to borrow!

Of Fire and Stars - Audrey Coulthurst 
I bought this one as a friend of mine loves it and it sounds very up my street (plus the cover is beautiful!) I'm hoping to read it soon.

Made You Up - Francesca Zappia
Eliza and her Monsters by the same author was one of my top ten books of last year, so I was keen to get hold of her other novel. This one also looks at mental illness but it's more central to the plot than in Eliza and Her Monsters which looked more at fandom. I'm looking forward to it though it is a pretty big book!!

Everything Leads to You - Nina LaCour
I actually read this one prior to buying it! I borrowed it from a friend and I really enjoyed it. It's a really nice, fairly happy lesbian story which is cool as there aren't many. I've had the urge to read it again for a while now, so instead of borrowing it again I bought my own copy. I love Nina Lacour's books so it's nice to buy another to support her further.

Have you read any of these? Did you get any books for Christmas or buy some with any money or vouchers you got?